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Book more Patients with a video marketing campaign

A strategic video campaign can:

  1.  Connect you with new leads.

  2.  Educate potential patients and make them feel safe with the process.

  3.  Create an online pathway to your practice that continues working even when you're not.


Social Media Content (Awareness)

Facebook/IG Ad

Connects you with potential clients. The goal is to drive them to your website or a landing page to set up a consultation.

This is where you establish the problem you solve, overcome potential objections, and build trust and authority.

Create content that ADDS VALUE to your client base. The goal is to have an active presence online that gives authority and creditibility to your practice

You DO NOT own your audience on social media. If they shut your account down you loose all those connections. So, it is important to drive people to your website and get them on your mailing list.

Website (Education)

Education Videos

Now that leads know what you do, its time to show them how you do it. And why you do it better.

These videos answer any questions, overcome objections, and helps clients feel more informed and secure with the whole process.

Testimonials (Call-to-action)


A good testimonial uses the 'Hero's Journey' framework and makes the client the hero of the story.

This is one of the most powerful videos you can have, because it uses social proof and acts as a great Call-To-Action for a lead to set up a consultation.


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